Watson and the PC Era

Recent articles talking about IBM’s Watson solution and IBM’s revenue challenges are interesting but don’t discuss Watson in a historical context. What’s actually happening mirrors the dawn of the PC Era and there are excellent lessons for us. Here is what I’m talking to my teams about and the opportunity facing all IBM’ers. First, and […]

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Oil is found but data is created

In Part 1 of this 3 part blog I’ll examine the “Oil is the new data” analogy.  While the analogy is very true there are some fascinating differences.  This blog addresses the difference in “Oil v data creation” and what it means for the evolution of the data market. Many countries won the geological lottery […]

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Intro – Thinking about data and oil

Saying “Data is the new oil” is fashionable, accurate and easy.  What’s less obvious, and far more revealing, are the differences between data and oil. Daniel Yergin wrote one of the definitive histories of oil in “The Prize”.  Starting with the discovery of oil, and continuing through modern times, the book is a fascinating explanation […]

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