Amazon Go – yes its retail but its more about man-machine interfaces

I’ve transitioned from written blogs to video blogs…  And here is my first one on Amazon Go.  Curious to hear what you think of my point of view and this new blog delivery model.

2 thoughts on “Amazon Go – yes its retail but its more about man-machine interfaces

  1. Interesting take. We are in the middle of a RFID implementation for inventory control, tracking movement of material between our locations and to the customer. What is the next gen solution to that?

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    1. I think cognitive is enabling systems to mirror the five senses we take for granted… following that logic RFID makes up for ‘sight’ with some of the smart sensors addressing ‘feeling’.

      So I believe cognitive vision systems will be RFID’s successor… but it will take time and RFID is certainly a more mature solution for today. I skipped over it but lets not forget Amazon’s store spent over a year in a private beta with its employees… So this is cool but still a difficult item to implement.

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